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Straightforward. betty brand creation and packaging design

The Brief

Betty came to us with a great product and a problem to solve.
Girls don’t talk about periods and worse, no one had created a product that is specifically designed for them – until now.

We created a packaging and communications strategy to help parents understand their daughter’s needs and reassures girls about the practicalities of periods, the social and personal implications and the physical and emotional developments they experience.

Straightforward. betty brand creation. betty retail box packaging

The Solution

We developed a two-tier approach to on-pack communications. The outside speaks to mum and dad at the point of purchase, with information about size, fit and the natural materials and packaging. Inside the messaging is bright, fun and appeals directly to girls.

This extended to creating an experiential on-the-road educational campaign with the Betty buses, coming to a school or festival near you!

Straight Forward. betty brand creation. betty education bus
“Straight Forward Design really understood that this project is about helping girls take charge of their lives as they move into womanhood. The brand and communications strategy totally takes the fear out of what can be a confusing time and makes it about girls sharing experiences and supporting each other.”

Head of Performance Marketing, Betty

Straightforward. betty brand creation. betty education bus
Straight Forward. betty brand creation. betty bus