Dear friend,

These are strange times we find ourselves in, and it’s impossible to know where the next few months will take us.

But while there’s a lack of certainty in many parts of our lives, we want to reassure you that we’re here, and we’re firing on all cylinders — working hard to keep your business doing the same.

We’re flexible

We know the way you work might have changed in some major ways. That’s OK. 

We’re exploring new ways to make sure we can give you what you need, even if the way we deliver it has to be different from before.

New processes, DTC brand strategies, Covid campaigns — talk to us. Together, we’ll find a clear path to the same amazing results you’ve come to expect from us.

We’re looking after our people

Right now, the Straight Forward team is working from home. We’re staying in close contact — with each other, and with our clients —  using new tools to enable our collaborative approach.

We still believe in our Studio and look forward to returning as soon as it is safe.

We’re producing great work

At Straight Forward, we’re in the business of problem-solving. We use problems to create opportunity. Yes, we’d rather Covid wasn’t happening but it also presents an unprecedented opportunity to reappraise everything and create better. 

Now, we’re doing what fuels us: exercising our innovative spirit to help our clients conquer some pretty big mountains. 

Our entrepreneurial ethos is paying dividends for the global brands we already work with, as well as the new ones who’ve come knocking.

We’re learning and growing

Life’s tough for a lot of businesses lately. We’re embracing the opportunity to reinvent Straight Forward in ways that will benefit you.

We’re using this as a chance to learn — new ways of working, new experiences worth embracing, and new insights into the way brands and consumers can connect. 

And we’re taking the time to grow — creatively, emotionally and intellectually. 

What we want you to know is this: we’re here for you. And we’ll use everything we’ve learned to help you be there for your customers.

Ready to climb some mountains with us? Let’s talk.

Mike Foster
Founder and Creative Director