17th February 2021

It’s not what you do, but the way that you say it

Zoe Appleby, finance and operations manager, deals the dirt about why the brand experience has to be all encompassing.

As we all know too well, the pandemic has changed our in-store experience somewhat – no ‘touchy feely’ ‘oh that’s new’ relaxed browsing as we shuffle round the one-way system be-masked with our steamed-up specs.

My default position right now is to stick to products I know – playing it safe and leaning on easy both online and instore. But, horror of horrors, last week the Tesco delivery driver arrived letting me know that one of my usuals had been substituted. My go-to cleaning product was to be replaced with, not only one I hadn’t used before but, worse, a brand I had never even heard of. Dilemma!

Once the initial shock had worn off, I dug deep and accepted this unknown into my home. It didn’t look particularly appealing and certainly wouldn’t have caught my eye in-store – a bit of a brute but beggars can’t be choosers.

Rubber gloves on I got busy with said product expecting to be as underwhelmed by its performance as I was with its visual appeal. However, the clouds soon lifted, and I was left with gleaming surfaces and a far superior experience than one I had ever had, a revelation.

What perplexed me was why I hadn’t discovered this product before and, like Cinderella, it had sat unnoticed on the shelf. Especially when its performance far outweighed those of its popular branded competitors.

I am left wondering what other brands aren’t doing themselves justice and are being left undiscovered by the masses, destined for obscurity despite the winning formula of better performance?

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