20th August 2020

Life on subscription

Lenka Vomelová, designer,  talks about her changing shopping habits and rides the subscription wave.

As we know, Covid has changed the retail landscape massively. Not only have we pretty much overnight shifted to online shopping, but the rate of subscriptions has been growing exponentially too.

I’ve dropped into the habit of doing a big online grocery shop – I load up my virtual trolley, pay, close the browser… happy days. The only drawback is that I can’t tuck into those biscuits right away, though that may be a good thing…

As I merrily go about my week, I suddenly remember that I forgot to add a deodorant to my basket. There’s little point starting a new order, I can’t really wait for the next round of bulk ordering and the prospect of nipping to the shops is not so attractive. So again, I turn to my new bff – the internet.

As a responsible and consciousness millennial I am in the market for an organic/natural/sustainable deodorant that can be delivered at breakneck speed.

Mission impossible? Not so much – a couple clicks later and I have signed up for a regular subscription which will mean I will never be caught out again – @WildCosmetics is a new, sustainable Natural Deodorant delivered straight to your door – well it is according to their web site and quite frankly, so far so good.

Subscriptions are not exactly new to me, but recent events have certainly added products I didn’t even know you could subscribe to – what’s not to like?

So, add deodorant to my list which also includes dog food, crafting essentials, small(ish) batch gin (lockdown has been tough, ok?) and razors.

I’m definitely living my best life on subscription. What’s your best new subscription?

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