13th May 2021

Reclaim your style

Katie Goody reflects on her time during lockdown and how she nurtured her creative side while helping our planet, what’s not to like!

The privilege of living and working from home has encouraged many of us to improve and enhance our surrounding environments. This is evidenced by Kingfishers’* supercharged growth in online revenues in the last year. By prioritising how our internal spaces look and feel, we’re able to create spaces for reflection, exploration and curate optimism within our lives within the midst of uncertainty. 

With limited ways to express personal style, I find my taste is reflected back at me in the form of interior choices. Through tactile materials, iconic shapes and one-of-a-kind objects, I’m able to connect to memories and moments of inspiration in my past.

Furniture has a significant impact on the world around us, often with little environmental consideration given to the making and shipping of large volumes of the same items. Predominantly made of plastic, wood and metal, new furniture is made to last several years rather than decades or centuries. Purchases are made on impulse and often focus solely on functionality, of which ultimately there is no guarantee. But with brands such as IKEA responding to the growing awareness around throwaway culture, their buy-back scheme will likely capture the attention of many.

Motivated by affordable prices, greater accessibility and a perception of having more time, there has been a shift in the way we purchase & furnish our homes. We’re creating change ourselves and leveraging what’s available to us. Local selling groups (mainly via social media channels) are slowly becoming the go-to place to source preloved items, meaning that we no longer have to rely on a physical channel, such as an antique centre or flea market.

Ultimately, finding unique items invites us all to express ourselves, give consideration to the environment & appreciate what exists in the world. We’re able to get creative and give a new lease of life to something, connecting us to the space we occupy & to the colours and shapes of an by-gone era. 

Instead of purchasing something new on a whim, I challenge those around me to seek out inspiration, to find something they truly love and add to its uniqueness. Perhaps approach it like buying second-hand clothing, but instead of looking for a specific brand, seek out shapes, colours and styles that ignite passion and excitement.

*owner of B&Q & Screwfix