Maltesers Mother Lover


Maltesers wanted to better understand the challenges faced by working mums with an ambition to support their needs and work towards a future where women can thrive.

Working with specialist research group, The Outsiders, Maltesers wanted to speak to mums, partners as well as parenting and workplace experts to understand the challenges working mums faced to help open meaningful conversations and find steps, we can all take to make a difference for the working mums in our lives.

The Maltesers Mother Lovers initiative focuses on lightening the load for working mums and provides support to help them thrive. We were asked to develop a brand activation campaign, packaging, and messaging to support the initiative to help drive conversation and raise awareness of the challenges faced.

We had to ensure impact which would clearly communicate the issues and reflect the breadth and depth of these challenges creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in the workforce.


We considered how we could leverage the idea of supporting challenges mums faced in the workplace and make it work brilliantly on pack and instore, as well as ensure it worked across all regions.

We developed the campaign idea using the voices of working mums across the pack giving an immediate point of difference while remaining on brand. The campaign could be articulated across the ecosystem, retain humour while promoting a positive conversation and meaningful emotional connection with the consumer.

By leveraging real voices, relatable content and a consistent brand presence, the Maltesers Mother Lover campaign raises awareness of the challenges faced by working mums, sparking meaningful conversations, and inspires individuals and communities to support and uplift these remarkable women.