Branding a better-for-you range for an iconic brand


Hostess, maker of storied brand Twinkies, is on a quest to develop its Voortman’s ‘better for you’ range. The iconic sweet baked goods producer was keen to expand its presence in the breakfast food market, especially among younger consumers.

Knowing this group is ever more health-conscious, Voortman created Super Grains, a wholesome grain classic cookie made to entice a millennial audience looking for a treat, complete with health halo.

Our mission? To signpost Super Grains as a nutritious snack, for those who value freedom, and a balanced lifestyle, rather than simply being young and healthy.


We developed a visual identity to showcase the real ingredients and real bakers behind Super Grains, making sure we expressed its ‘better for you’ message loud and clear.  

Knowing that Super Grains’ core and target consumers are keen to choose ‘good’ foods, our branding heroes the quality of the product. The bold brand identity celebrates the virtues of the whole grain oats, rye and buckwheat and real fruit as the heroes of Super Grains. 

We championed these real ingredients, and superior taste experience, appealing to younger people with a higher health IQ who want to make better choices. With bold imagery and clean typography, we created a contemporary look to reflect the twin benefits of quality and taste appeal. 

Created for summer 2021, the Super Grains range of classic cookies launches with two original flavour options: Banana Chocolate Chip and Blueberry.