Informed by strategy, powered by design. Straight Forward creates connections between brands and people that drive growth. From our London studio we work across the globe to deliver compelling brand strategies, impactful design and effective communication in a way that is as straightforward as possible.

Our Philosophy

We believe that by putting people first, at the heart of our culture, we can unlock growth in both the brands we work on and the individuals we work with.

The Team


Founder & Creative Director

Mike founded Straight Forward Design in 2008 with a simple goal – to create impactful, intelligent and compelling design in a way that’s as straight forward as possible.

After 20 years in the industry working for some of the biggest design agencies in London, Mike remains forever positive and always supportive, setting the tone for how we do business.


Business Director

Matt concentrates on empowering and nurturing our talent and our clients. An optimist, a pragmatist and a thoroughly nice man.

Combining his impressive history in Client Services with the fact that he is super Dad to three little people, there is no one more qualified to keep us focused on what’s important.


Operations Director

Charlie does everything behind the scenes. She focuses on Straight Forward so the team can concentrate on our clients.

With a passion for growing things Charlie is the driving force behind both our business development and our pot plant success. Enviably green fingered and exceptionally good at making things happen, every agency should have a Charlie.



We have typography to thank for getting Vicky into graphic design as in her own words, a nice bit of type makes her very happy.

Our resident literature expert and passionate about print; fuelled by tea, biscuits and minimal house music. Vicky believes firmly that there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. When you see her work, we think you’ll agree.



Mark has been quietly finding creative solutions to a range of challenges across websites, apps, identity, packaging and more since he joined us in 2013. He loves presenting information in a clear and beautiful way, having the ability to make it interesting, exciting and fun to absorb.

Always on the go, either in the gym or on a plane, Mark is a man who likes to see the world one fabulous destination at a time. He could also probably carry you up the stairs to the studio if you need him to, which is handy as we are on the fourth floor.



A typography lover & ampersand admirer, Lenka brings a touch of eclectic charm to her work. Ever seeking to improve her craft she loves learning new things and getting under the skin of a project to build something better, more beautiful.

From creating lovely hand drawn letters to enormous global brand architecture projects – solving problems through design is what Lenka loves. That and tattoos, animals and the time 11.11.



We asked Rob’s Mum what we should say about him. “Born in Preston, a descendant of conquering Romans, he never quite lived up to his heritage. Finding someone in London who took pity on him because he can draw a bit, he fled The North and we haven’t seen him since.” We are giving Rob’s Mum a permanent job.

And although she’s not wrong, we have since discovered Rob’s love for animation and photography, the energy he gets and gives in group brainstorming sessions and his undeniable skill as a Pokémon Master.



Emily is the studio’s dark horse. Quietly working away she pops up with striking pieces of fantastic design and brilliantly on brand pieces of copy.

Emily thrives on the ideas stage of a project and is most happy when we get to start something from scratch, building a brand world around it. Emily’s own brand world would involve a studio dog and a bespoke heated chair with built in leg warmers. The former is less likely.

Our Expertise

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