Giving Back

We believe in making a positive difference. Giving back is an important part of our culture. Giving back to each other, giving back to our industry and giving back to causes that can make a genuine positive difference for humanity.

Causes We Support

Giving back and being involved is a team effort and core to who we are as an Agency. Each year everyone who works at Straight Forward is invited to champion a worthy cause to support. This approach broadens our horizons and enables us to help a diverse set of amazing organisations that mean something individually and collectively to our team.

The Straight Forward Forest

The greatest crisis facing humanity is climate change. One of the most effective ways to tackle this climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees.

Our stake in the ground for climate-positive action, and the beginning of our carbon neutral journey and beyond, is our pledge to plant and protect one million trees by 2030 to help build a better environment and become a Climate Positive Workforce.

A Day Out of the Ordinary

For our 15th birthday we wanted to take a day out of the ordinary and celebrate Straight Forward style with the whole team. The celebrations struck a perfect balance between luxury, fun, and relaxation – a whirlwind of festivities!


Happiness, the universal quest. We all want to be happier yet often in the pursuit of happiness we end up achieving the opposite. When we met the folks at Haptivate we discovered something amazing. There is an actual science to happiness and happiness is a skill you can learn, meaning everyone has the potential to feel happier. We support Haptivate to promote their good work and run quarterly happiness workshops for our team, friends and clients.

Stretch Projects

At Straight Forward we have these things called ‘Stretch projects’. Things that interest us, take us into new areas and stretch our experiences. When we have brilliant ideas we share them and if they offer a chance to learn something new we embrace it. So when Mike had an idea for a book and Lenka wanted to design and learn how to publish, a book, we couldn’t ignore it. Fun, educational and a great growth experience. The Inconvenience of Human Movement is available in The British Library.

Finland is Sweden

2017 marked a decade in business and in recognition we wanted to give back to our amazing team. To experience something extraordinary together. We set a studio-wide brief; everyone had to individually create their ultimate 4 days away and then try to sell it to the team. The motivation? At the end a vote where the most popular idea would become reality.


We believe everyone has an infinite ability to develop and grow, and that growth ultimately leads to fulfilment. As such we place development at the heart of everything we do. If our team wants to learn something new we look for ways to support them to reach their goals. From SEO to Hand Lettering to mindfulness workshops, when we learn something great we share it. A positive circular learning curve that keeps on giving.

Poster Series

Design informs, enables function and is the evolutionary process that creates ‘better’. It’s also a great catalyst for joy. Each year we create a poster series that celebrates the collaborative, informative and fun side of graphic design. We share options in our monthly meetings where we learn something new, deliberate and laugh together before publishing them so others can do the same. 

Internships & Placements

We are passionate about growing the next generation of talent. Helping young designers achieve their aspirations and making a positive impact on the future of our industry. We offer paid internships and work placements as well as portfolio reviews for young talent looking to gain experience and break into the industry. We always want to hear from the next generation of brilliant designers. If that’s you please get in touch at

[email protected]