Reframing Sundance with a Bauhaus-inspired brand


After 12 years of success in the world of strategic research, Sundance were ready for a change. They wanted to re-frame the business with a new offer. And, they needed a new identity to match.

Their previous logo was a sun of complex layering and colour: complex, and difficult and expensive to use. They needed a captivating, easy-to-use brand identity with more structure, that was still flexible enough to use in a range of ways. We’re delighted with the brand’s fresh new look.


We created a bespoke typeface from simple geometric shapes as the base for both the logotype and a system of icons and symbols. Inspired by the Bauhaus design movement, it’s used throughout their printed and online material.

The new identity evokes progress, ambition and positive change. And vitally, the new brand identity and communication system are easy to use and understand.

The overlapping shapes hint at the complementary style of the business partners and their collaborative way of working — with each other and with clients. The colours highlight the vibrancy and dynamism of the work of Sundance.