How do you disrupt shopper habits?


Mars Wrigley’s Extra slim pack had fallen victim to the trend to upsell gum users to multi-packs and pots. The humble (but handy) slim pack needed a way to stand out – to pack a bigger punch by grabbing consumer attention and giving them a reason to buy.
The brand had to give light or lapsed gum users, especially those aged 13-25, a novel incentive to pick up and buy an Extra slim pack as they walked out of convenience stores or larger supermarkets. 
The goal was to drive a 2%-3% sales lift in slim-pack single sales, to push category penetration through the You’re #EXTRA idea, while increasing display sales.


We all know someone who we appreciate for being a little Extra, so why not find a way to tell them? 
Online, the phrase is used to describe someone who goes a little bit further than the norm, so we created packs of Extra that people can buy to share and let their friends know how amazing they are. 
The eye-catching, shareworthy pack graphics declare: You’re Extra… “awesome”, “cool”, “fresh”, “brave”, “sweet”, “fierce”, “kind”, “funny”… – a fabulous way to connect and communicate with friends. Especially since the flavour range caters for all tastes, with spearmint, polar ice, peppermint and sweet watermelon all on offer.
We brought this packaging innovation to life by understanding Mars Wrigley’s strategic pathway for the project, and by creatively enhancing their vision to power even stronger brand equity. 
Because, you know, we’re a little bit #Extra ourselves. 

“The EXTRA® Brand was fortunate to work with Straight Forward to help bring our latest packaging innovation to life. The team did an incredible job understanding our strategic positioning for the project, creatively enhancing our vision to drive even stronger brand equity.”