Journeys in colour – Purple
10th June 2019


Purple—not to be confused with violet—is a colour that sitsbetween red and blue and has many shades.

The most famous of the purples is Tyrian purple. Discovered in the15th century BC, this purple dye was extracted or ‘milked’ from thousands of Murex sea snails. Their mucus developed from a yellow-green to purple in the sunlight (a very smelly process)and kings, priests and nobles would wear the dyed fabrics.

Due to the cost, historically purple was the colour of royalty.Although today still considered to be regal, it is also used in many other ways. Purple was an important colour for Suffragettes, the colour represented freedom, loyalty and dignity. Purple was also popular in song writing, possibly the most famous song being Purple Rain by Prince. Although purple wasn’t his favourite colour, Prince felt it represented the image he was trying to portray.

Love it or hate it, purple can create many emotions fromcalming to uplifting or irritable and moody.