Celebrating the power and beauty of print


Avalon is a fine bespoke printers renowned by the fashion and design industries, among others, for their beautiful work. They focus on high quality print solutions, while also catering to those who require speed and excellent customer service.

They needed our help in creating a new brand identity system that would unite these two parts of their business while keeping their visual identities distinct from one another.


We created a cohesive brand identity for the Avalon Group, which celebrates the craft of print. The logomark uses the registration mark — a common symbol in the print business — in place of an asterisk. Its positioning acts as an indicator of the sub-brand: Group, Bespoke, and Print.

We created a central site for the Group, which now acts as a portal to the sub-brand sites. The build is flexible, simple and user-friendly. The Bespoke site celebrates the beauty of print, and supporting this concept is the finishes used on the printed materials: we used foils, embossed on beautiful Colourplan paper. Similarly, we reflected Avalon’s attention to detail in their photographic assets: we commissioned master of detail, Andy Grimshaw, to shoot the company’s portfolio incredibly close-up, capturing the grain, print quality and diverse finishes of the paper. And on the print site, the focus is on the speed and quality of service Avalon offers its customers — the site is streamlined, clear and populated with bold statements that support the brand.