Reaching mothers all over India through visual design


In partnership with Indian humanitarian organisation, Tata Trusts, Mars Edge created GoMo Dal Crunchies — a nutritious lentil crisp snack aimed to improve the health of school-age children in India.

Our brief was ambitious, to say the least: to create a brand identity that would appeal universally to Indian mums – a segment that covered 22 languages, varying literacy levels, and broad cultural differences.

Good job we like a challenge.


With our potential customers speaking almost two dozen languages between them, we knew the brand needed to lean heavily on visual design. But when you’re dealing with a huge range of people, there’s going to be a huge variety of responses to visual design cues — we needed to tread carefully.

Ultimately, we crafted a powerful brand around the idea of maternal nurture, using the product name to create a logo that depicts a mother and child holding hands. It’s a visual metaphor that can be understood by all and used off-pack to further brand message and recognition.

Launched in the Indian market, our brand creation for GoMo Dal Crunchies positions the product as a safe, nutritious offering for children.

Gomo Dal Crunchies packaging design
GoMo dal crunchies packaging

“Straight Forward really grasped our brand mission, and delved deep to truly understand what a huge and diverse market we’re dealing with. The team has delivered a brand that appeals to Indian mums on so many levels.”
Senior Brand Manager, Mars Edge