Extra Refreshers

It is fair to say we were pretty excited to be working with the Extra UK team at Mars Wrigley on the launch of an all new gum sub brand – Extra Refreshers.

Developing the range

Wrigley’s wanted to expand the Extra brand portfolio with a new gum which offered a thoroughly refreshing and mouth-watering experience in an innovative new format which was cube shaped, soft and speckled with freshness.

Creating real stand out

Our challenge was to develop a sub brand to communicate the refreshing experience of this new, flavour filled gum which leapt off the shelf and clearly articulated the sense of refreshment offered.

We started by visualising the hydrating experience using liquid like forms which flow around the Extra brand mark, creating a dynamic expression of the mouth-watering effects of the gum.

We crafted the ‘Refreshers’ logo with a nod towards the hydrating benefits and total refreshment using a font which emulated droplets of water and provided a clear but closely related platform for segmentation of other products within the brand.

Bold, vibrant colours guaranteed shelf standout and clear articulation of the whole range allowing for easy expansion as the portfolio grows.

Communicating to the team

To support this new and exciting product we developed internal communication launch materials and a cohesive brand toolkit to activate the brand alongside an animation to bring the Extra Refreshers product experience to life.