Refreshing a confectionery classic

We love a big range refresh brief, so when we were asked to redesign Starburst, we jumped feet first into its ‘Unexplainably Juicy’ world.

The Starburst range had become recessive on-shelf and was losing ground to the competition so our task was to increase standout, ensuring there was a clear, brand-led design solution for future growth and extension.

Straight Forward Design Starburst Pouches

We started by putting the juice back into the core of the brand encapsulating the logo in a big yellow burst of juicy flavour. We then created individual personalities for the range products that clearly communicated their differences without distracting from the Starburst hero. The result is a simple architecture that places the brand promise at the heart of the design and dramatically increases shelf standout whilst providing a clear platform for segmentation of products to help shoppers navigate and choose their favourite.


Starburst old cases


Starburst in cases
Straight Forward Design Starburst Stories

We used the back of pack to create individual juicy Starburst stories, to amplify brand tone of voice and to connect the packaging to the successful advertising campaign.


We then created in-store and online activation support maximising our shelf blocking opportunities to increase standout at point of purchase.

Straight Forward Design Starburst Sticks

Limited Edition

Once the range was unified we had a solid platform from which to design seasonal and limited edition offers. For example, Starburst Halloween.

Straight Forward Design Starburst Halloween

Brand Extension

The new design architecture gave the brand a clear platform to extend into new categories. For example, Starburst Gum.

Straight Forward Design Starburst Gum

“You guys have been awesome – hugely patient and very skilled in making the work look so beautifully simple and flow so smoothly. We particularly appreciate all the provocations throughout. It felt like a true partnership. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all.”

Starburst Brand Director