9th July 2020

Brands are personal

Do you have a pet name for your favourite brand? Julia Ripley, marketing and business development director, keeps it up close and personal. 

Something great happened today. I managed to get a Tesco home delivery slot, good times.

As I merrily added things to my shopping basket, I asked my daughter if she wanted anything. “Oh, please can we get some car biscuits”. Now, this will mean absolutely nothing to anyone but me…

When she was little I’d pick her up from nursery every day, and we would have a McVitie’s Digestive biscuit as a snack in the car on our way home – I’d call it a ‘car biscuit’ so that’s what she thought they were called for years, and indeed that’s what we still call them now.

This got me thinking about our personal emotional connection with brands. The memories they evoke and the attachments we form from a very early age. This came as no surprise given I work in branding.

It’s impossible to bottle every personal connection to brands and create a hard and fast elixir for success, but I do know that McVitie’s intended me to give their classic Digestive biscuit as a treat, evoking feelings of comfort and security as we drove safely home.

No matter what – if you know who are – be it a product, a store, a charity, a service, a person (you get the picture) then your followers, customers, friends, users will understand you for who you are and remain loyal.

We love our McVitie’s comforting ‘car biscuit’. What is your brand with a family or pet name?