17th March 2020

In challenging times how do you find the upside of down?

“Let’s put our best foot forward” a comment from a team member at our morning catch up meeting where half of us were in the studio and the other half being projected onto a screen from the comforts of their homes.

But what does ‘putting your best foot forward’ actually mean? According to Collins Dictionary “To work hard and energetically to make sure that something that you are doing is a success”. 

These are certainly challenging times and knowing who we are and what we stand for has made it easy to find our “acceptable solution”. Putting people first and making sure our team is enabled to have a happy, stable and supported working environment, whatever the circumstances, will always be our priority. 

Our team is now fully enabled to work from home and at the studio, offering fluidity during these testing times. New Macs, desks, printers and screens have been bought and safely installed in people’s homes; secure remote access put into place; virtual meeting spaces and share zones set up. Open conversations held with each and every team member to understand what the best working day looks like for them against their individual circumstances and a rapidly evolving landscape.

It is also an opportunity to explore change and as change-makers, we welcome the positives that can be found, even when the catalyst is a net negative. As the saying goes – find the upside of down. Over the coming months, we will be working hard with our team, our clients, suppliers and partners to help discover and mobilise the positives. So we can all ‘put our best foot forward’.

Photo by Brian Patrick Tagalog on Unsplash